European network of modular electrical stations on renewable energy.


What is a modular gas station? This is a modular service complex where, in addition to the main fueling module, there can be an automatic cafe, toilets, a mini hotel, shower cabins, as well as a rental of electric bicycles and the exchange of discharged storage batteries for charged ones. The configuration of the modules is determined by the customer.

Installation of the main electric filling station, for two cars, is carried out for 1 day.


We expect an explosive demand for electric stations, due to the refusal of transport with ICE, in favor of electric.

Now, parking, near shopping centers, look like this:


In the near future, this picture will change. The potential of the market is huge.

Stages of the project:

1. Creation of industrial base.

2. Sales of modules to customers

3. Purchase of suitable land, for the installation of its own electric fueling complexes.

4. Cooperation with state road services for the installation of filling modules in parking lots along the slopes.

5.  Data entry in chargemap.com

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